All abstracts accepted by the American Rhinologic Society (ARS) for oral presentation require submission of a written manuscript.

See ARS instructions here.

Abstracts accepted by IRS/ISIAN do not require submission of a manuscript. However, the International Rhinologic Society will award prizes for the best oral (or video) and best poster.

Best oral presentation will receive $1000 and best poster will receive $500.

In order to be eligible, papers must be submitted to the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy at least three (3) weeks prior to the Rhinology World 2009 meeting (deadline: March 25, 2009), with a cover letter stating that the paper is for IRS Prize Competition only. Also submit a copy via email to

Information for Rhinology World Presenters

  • Abstracts - Oral
  • Abstracts - Poster
  • Abstracts - Video

    Congratulations to the International Rhinologic Society award winners:

    Best Oral Presentation
    Huabin Li
    Abstract # 1640
    "Decreased Expression of Connexin (CX) 26 and 43 in Allergic Nasal Epithelium"

    Best Poster Presentation
    Atsushi Kamijo
    Abstract # 1695
    "Functional Cooperation Between Epithelial Goblet Cell Secretion and Ciliary Activity in the Nose"

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